September 23, 2014

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Don't Promote Your Competitors

October 25, 2014

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Jedi Editing Trick

Music can make or break your video.

Get the right music, and it leads the way, complimenting the visuals and enhancing the message. Get the music wrong, and it disconnects the viewer.


Think about what a trigger music is. If you are driving along in your car and a song from your past comes on, you are transported back in time. A flood of memories and feelings comes over you.


The right kind of music can elicit an emotional response.


A great tune can be powerful branding.

How do you want to be branded? Classical, comical, wistful, angry, hopeful? I guarantee that you can find a selection that will match any emotion you want to portray. Music can instantly bring a color to your video, without you having to spell it out.


Your Right to Good Music

When you use music, it is important that you have the rights to it. Yes, it is great to have that new, exciting, popular song on your video. But when your video is taken down for copyright violations, it doesn't feel so good. Go with royalty-free alternatives. You will never have to worry about getting caught up in legal action.


Good sources for royalty-free music are:



And, if you want to see the Star Wars clip I spoke about in the video, check this out:

Star Wars Minus Williams


Yours for better video!








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