The REEL Story


So, you have made the excellent decision to let GigReels handle your video project. Congratulations! Your promo materials just got a big boost, and your job just got a lot easier!


But, how does all of this work? Is it magic?


Yes. The magic of technology!

Basically, this is the process:


You provide video footage, photos, quotes and information on your offerings. You can transmit those via services like Dropbox, or Box or Google Cloud. There are many free services that can accomplish this. Failing that, we can go "Old School" and send DISCS - through the MAIL!!! Yes, that STILL works.


We will collaborate on a voice over, highlighting how your particular show meets the needs of a particular market. We'll find a voice-over artist to record a script for you. The voice-over is a powerful tool that not enough performers and speakers use. It really drives the selling of the show, rather than just showing the show.


We will search out royalty-free music to use as an underlaying soundtrack.


After GigReels pores over all of the available materials, you will get a draft of the video, sent to you for your approval. We can then negotiate what is included. You will get a final version that will be between 1:30 and 3 minutes long. Experience shows that 3 minutes is the longest you will want to go. Most current promo videos fall into the 2 minute range.


GigReels can do two versions of the same video, with different contact information on each. One can list your info for direct contact.  The other can be "agent-friendly", without your contact information on it. There is no additional fee for the "agent-friendly" video.


And there! Your video is done. You are happy. You get more gigs. You become the hero of your own story.


That was easy, wasn't it?


For more information, or to reserve your space on GigReels rapidly filling calendar, contact us today. Email or call 715-962-3346.


A 50% deposit is needed to get the reels rolling. Payment is by check, Venmo, or by PayPal. There is an additional "convenience fee" if paying by PayPal.


We look forward to hearing from you!


GigReels Staff